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Can dogs eat durian?

Dogs cannot eat durian because durian contains a log or sugar which is not good for dogs’ kidney.

Dogs should not eat foods high in sugar, fat or salt. Food with high sugar, fat, etc will easily make dogs fat and induce a series of diseases. Excessive salt will increase the burden of renal excretion, affect renal health, break the balance of body fluids, and cause various skin diseases.

What’s more, because durian’s special smell, dogs are likely to vomit and sneeze after getting close to durian. When dogs’ immunity system is not strong enough, even a small amount of durian can cause severe diarrhea or vomiting. Durians are also bad for dogs’ digestive system, so it’s not recommended to feed dogs with durians.

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Can dogs eat durian seed?

Pet owners should not let dogs eat durian seed, or core. The seed or core is too large for dog, eating seed or core will make dog choke. And the cyanide in seed is toxic for dogs. In addition, dogs should not eat durian flesh because durian contains a lot of sugar.

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