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Can dogs eat longan?

It is not recommended to let your dogs eat longan. Longan is high in sugar which can cause diabetes in dogs, or transient diabetes. Three or four longans contain more sugar than a dog’s daily intake in one day.

The pit or seed of longan can jam the trachea and cause suffocation. A pit that sticks in the esophagus or intestines can cause gastrointestinal problems that require surgery to remove.

If your dogs really want to eat longan, please ensure to feed them with longan flesh after remocing the skin or peel and pit inside.

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Can dogs eat longan pit or seed?

Longan pit, or seed, or core is too large for a dog’s throat. Feeding dogs with longan without removing pit is very dangerous because it’s likely to make them choke. It may even lead to death in serious cases.

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