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Can dogs eat jackfruit?

Can dogs eat jackfruit? - 第1张  | PetsPedia

Research has confirmed that jackfruit is rich in protein, vitamin B(B2, B3,B6), vitamin C, minerals, etc. The proteins, minerals and vitamins in jackfruit can help improve physiological functions of human’s body as well as dog’s body.

Dogs can eat jackfruit. Jackfruit can improve dogs’ digestion, especially puppies’ digestion. Jackfruit has a lot of micro elements, appropriate consumption can help dogs meet their daily needs of nutrition intake. However it should not be overfed because jackfruit contains a lot of sugar. Although jackfruit is delicious, pet owners should pay attention when feeding dogs, in case of allergic phenomenon.

Can dogs eat jackfruit core or seed?

Jackfruit has very large cores or seeds. It is dangerous to feed dogs with jackfruit flesh without removing the cores or seeds.

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