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Can dogs eat fig?

Can dogs eat fig? - 第1张  | PetsPedia

Yes dogs can eat figs.

Figs contain citric acid, fatty acid, malic acid, protease, hydrolytic enzyme, etc. which can help intestinal digestion and promote appetite. Figs also contain a variety of lipids and has the effect of moistening the intestinal tract. Figs are rich in amino acids that can help eliminate fatigue and reduce the blood fat and the decomposition fat function, and can reduce the fat in the blood vessel deposition.

However figs also contain a lot of sugar, it is not recommended to feed dogs with too many figs.

Can dogs eat dried figs?

Dogs can eat dried figs. Fig is the fruit of low sugar and is rich in fiber, it contains vitamin C. Eating figs can improve the immunity. Lipase and hydrolytic enzymes in figs also have the function of decomposition of blood lipids and thun can help reduce fat accumulation. Feeding dogs with figs in appropriate amount is good for dogs’ health.

Can dogs eat fig leaves?

Fig leaves is toxic to dogs, do not let your dogs eat fig leaves.

It may cause diarrhea and vomiting if dogs eat fig leaves by accident.

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