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Can dogs eat persimmon?

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Many people likes eating persimmon. Persimmon tastes sweet, and is rich in nutrition, such as carotene, riboflavin, vitamins, etc. The vitamins and sugar contents in persimmon are much higher than many other fruits.

Dogs can eat mature persimmon in a small amount, but cannot eat immature persimmon. Dogs’ digestive system is different from humans’ and the digestive enzymes of dogs are also different. Since dogs cannot eat too much sugar, it is better not to feed them with too many persimmons as persimmon contains a lot of sugar.

Can dogs eat persimmon peel?

No, dogs cannot eat persimmon peels or skins. Because most of the tannic acid in persimmon are in the peel or skin. Eating persimmon peel is like to cause stomach stones for dogs.

Can dogs eat seedless persimmon?

Dogs can eat seedless persimmons in a moderate amount but they cannot eat the peels. Be sure to remove the peel or skin before feed them with persimmons.

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